Sinister Diesel

It’s not hard to pick out Sinister Diesel parts from the rest. All you have to do is look for the company’s trademark metallic blue finish to know you’re looking at authentic Sinister Diesel products. But that’s far from the only way in which Sinister truck parts set themselves apart from the rest. You’ll notice the positive difference in the way your vehicle performs after Sinister parts are installed. Created from a shared love of 4x4s and off-roading, Sinister Diesel aims to help owners get the most out of their engines. That’s why PowerFlo Diesel is proud to offer an extensive selection of Sinister parts in our catalog. Like us, they’re devoted to boosting horsepower and making sure your vehicle delivers the most power possible.

What Sinister Can Do for You

The Sinister brand is geared toward enhancing diesel machines with the best aftermarket components found anywhere. From transmission parts and tuners to fuel systems and turbo kits, few companies offer as much for Ford, Chevy, GMC and Dodge trucks. In addition, this manufacturer has earned a strong reputation among enthusiasts because of its exceptional quality. That’s due in large part to the strong corporate culture Sinister Diesel embraces — in which “American Born and Bred” serves as the central philosophy guiding everything it does. The company stamps its products with its distinctive color because it believes in being bold as well as standing behind its work. The customer service it provides is just as much a part of its success as the quality of its offerings.

Why Shop at PowerFlo Diesel?

We’re just as focused on helping truck owners boost their horsepower and efficiency as Sinister is, making us an ideal team. We offer a comprehensive catalog of components engineered and built to push your engine to its peak and keep it there. But there’s more to us than our inventory.

We also bring more knowledge to the table than almost any of our competitors. That combination of knowledgeable and experienced technicians and advanced equipment enables us to provide virtually any repair or maintenance work you may need. You can expect to receive honest advice from people who know their business, delivered with an eye for detail and the fairest prices in the area.

To get started selecting the Sinister products that are right for you, get in touch with us today or browse through our online store.