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PowerFlo Diesel is the #1 shop for diesel pickup truck maintenance and repair in the Dallas, TX area. We are the experienced, skilled and highly trained team you want to work on your Ford, Chevy or Dodge pickup or truck fleet.

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If your engine isn’t running as well as it should, if you are noticing disturbing evidence that something is just not right, or if you simply need a new battery or an oil change, bring your vehicle in to PowerFlo Diesel. We understand diesel engines and we are aware of the problems that your particular engine may develop over time. And, best of all, we know how to fix your vehicle so it runs at peak performance!

In addition to regular maintenance, tune-ups and necessary repairs, PowerFlo Diesel offers many brands and types of performance products. Whether you prefer OEM or aftermarket, we sell only the highest-quality parts and accessories for your vehicle. Let us help you upgrade your ride so it runs great and looks awesome!