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When you want to boost the power and efficiency of your engine, count on PowerFlo Diesel. We offer the highest-quality diesel pickup truck performance parts and accessories in the McKinney, TX area. Increase horsepower, acceleration and torque — while paying less at the pump — and make your vehicle roar!

We realize that you want to upgrade the performance of your vehicle, but why increase your horsepower if it’s going cause your truck to run inefficiently and cost you money?

Unlike your average repair shop, we understand not just performance, but diesel. Our customers rely on PowerFlo Diesel to add extra horsepower in the most efficient way.

No matter what kind of vehicle you drive, we offer many products to meet your performance needs:

  • Programmers
  • Exhaust
  • Head studs
  • Cold air Intakes
  • Differential gears
  • High flow injectors
  • High-performance turbos
  • Suspension Lift Kits

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We carry a variety of products from a wide range of manufacturers, including:


Making upgrades anywhere can seriously boost the performance of your diesel engine. Your vehicle’s exhaust system is one of the most important elements for helping it run at peak capacity. That’s why, when you’re in the market for diesel exhaust k...

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Suspension Lift Kits

Whether you need some additional clearance for taking your truck off-road or just appreciate the look and feel of a higher ride, it’s crucial to have the right suspension lift kits for your vehicle. Suspension accessories from trusted manufacturer...

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