Vehicle Makes/Models That We Specialize In

If power and performance weren’t important to you, you wouldn’t have bought a diesel truck. Whether you need it for work or play, you want to have confidence that your engine will continue to pump out the horsepower you expect from it every time you turn the key. If you rely on it for work, an underperforming vehicle can cut into your profitability and livelihood. If all you’re looking for is a good time, you don’t want a breakdown to put an end to your fun.

High-performance machines like yours require specialized attention to keep them running at their peak. Fortunately, there’s no better place to turn for diesel truck repair than PowerFlo Diesel. We’re the leading McKinney, TX diesel truck mechanic because we have expertise for most major makes and models.

We're the Diesel Experts You Need, No Matter Your Model

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Our Expertise

For all they have in common, diesel engines feature unique calibrations and differences between brands. We know more about servicing them than anyone, which means we understand what makes each individual type of engine work and what it takes to get each one running just right.

Our specialties include:

  • Ford: We can be your Ford truck mechanic because we’re experts with the Power Stroke® system. We provide total service for light-duty trucks including F250s through F550s from model year 1999 through 2019.
  • Chevy: We’re the most trusted Chevy truck mechanics in the region. Our knowledge of the Duramax® engine means we can do almost anything for vehicles in the 2500 and 3500 series.
  • GMC: When you choose us to be your GMC truck mechanic, you’ll benefit from our comprehensive repair and maintenance service. We have the OEM and aftermarket parts and accessories to fit your model, as well.
  • Dodge: No other Dodge truck mechanic in the region has as much to offer as we do. We can diagnose and fix any issue you might have with your Cummins® engine. We also know what it takes to tune it so that it runs at optimal levels.

Why Choose PowerFlo Diesel?

If there’s one aspect most diesel trucks have in common, it’s our ability to deliver complete maintenance and repair services for them. We have mechanics and technicians who are dedicated to providing the best overall experience for you — no matter what you drive. We’ll always give you the fairest prices, best advice and superior customer service. If you’re ready to learn more about all we can do for you and your vehicle, reach out today.