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The mechanics at PowerFlo Diesel in McKinney, TX are experts in Dodge diesel pickup truck maintenance and repair. Our team is highly trained and skilled in diagnosing and fixing any problems that arise in the Dodge Cummins® engine, and we specialize in model years 1999 – 2017 light-duty Dodge Ram 2500 – 4500 series.

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Is your engine knocking? Are you experiencing hard starts, or even non-starts? Do you notice black smoke coming from your exhaust while driving? Have you seen blue or white smoke when idling? Does your power seem to be lower than normal? Is your vehicle simply running rougher than it should?

These symptoms may indicate a problem with your high-pressure fuel pump. Failure of this pump causes not only some of issues mentioned above, but a faulty high-pressure fuel pump may cause damage to other parts of the engine. Bring your truck to PowerFlo Diesel right away and we’ll diagnose and fix or replace this part for you.

PowerFlo also offers maintenance and repair services for your vehicle’s:

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Regardless of how well your diesel pickup is running, the experts at PowerFlo Diesel are here to support you with regularly scheduled maintenance, necessary repairs and performance upgrades. Our goal is not only to help you keep your vehicle operating safely and efficiently, but to ensure that it provides you with the performance you want. Call 972-542-5007 or contact us online to get started.