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When it comes to Ford diesel pickup truck maintenance and repair in McKinney, TX and the surrounding area, look no further than PowerFlo Diesel. We are the Ford Power Stroke® experts! We work on light-duty Ford pickups, specializing in 1999 – 2107 model year series F250 through F550.

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What We Do

The PowerFlo mechanics address the following issues that may arise in Ford diesel engines:

  • Failing exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) cooler as indicated by loss of coolant or the release of white smoke from the tailpipe
  • Head gasket and head bolt problems due to either a design flaw or failure of the EGR cooler
  • Engine oil cooler failure that results from the design itself, and that can prevent coolant from getting to the EGR cooler

If you’re experiencing any of these diesel engine problems, bring your vehicle in to PowerFlo Diesel. After making a definitive diagnosis, we recommend a solution, get your approval, and then perform the repair.

In addition to engine service and repairs, turbocharge and cooler upgrades, and custom tuning, we maintain and fix your vehicle’s:

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Whether you’re looking for engine upgrades, OEM or aftermarket replacement parts, lighting and accessories, we’re here to help. Call 972-542-5007 or contact us online when it’s time for regular maintenance, a diagnosis and repair, or high-performance accessories to boost your vehicle’s performance.